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Nov 11, 2013 · Your laptop would HAVE to have HDMI in. Not too many of them have HDMI in and most are HDMI out. Please see your manual(or read what the HDMI port says on the side) to determine if the laptop has HDMI in. 1) Connect your PS3 to your laptop with an ethernet cable. 2) Set your laptops ethernet IP to a static address, say 3) Set your laptops DNS to 4) On your PS3 wired connection setup, enter all the same numbers like in the laptop, except IP to Connect your PS3 Controller with the USB cable to your PC or Laptop. When you connect it, your PC will automatically start installing the relevant drivers for the Controller, so just sit back and let it do its job. Now, comes the part where you need to Download and install some additional set of Drivers.

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The PS3 will automatically configure the audio output, however, if you have a home theater system, you may need to configure the audio output settings manually. See Change PS3 Audio Output Settings for instructions. Additional Help. If you have issues with the installation, you may wish to troubleshoot PS3 HDMI Picture Problems. Notes:

2010-1-27 · I did with Xbox 360, I wouldn't put a guarantee on it but you can try the same with ps3. just grab one with a USB cord and plug it into a laptop port. no batteries though, if there's a battery pack remove it. I don't know why, that was my brother's suggestion. after go to the options menu and configure the controls to your preference.

After you've installed the program and set up your ps3 controller, its time to actually make it work with the game you wanna play using the ps3 controller so simply open the game and then go to its control settings, and change each control, to the ps3 controller for example in a game where "jump" is done using the SPACE BAR on the keyboard, you can change it to be the X button on the ps3 How do I Connect Phone to PS3 and Watch Movies - Benjamin 2018-10-30 · The videos can also be streamed via DLNA to your TV via PS3. Click the videos folder and select the movie you wish to stream. you can pause, rewind and fast-forward through the film as just like a remote control using the PS3 pad. Conclusion. That’s it. now you know how to connect Phone to PS3. There are a lot of DLNA options available on