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Startpage Search owner changes raise serious questions Nov 16, 2019 as default search engine | Opera forums A Former User last edited by @cbuth. @cbuth said in as default search engine:. I would appreciate, if was the default search engine. Also I wish an optimal cooperation between and Opera.. Yes. I've been waiting for this to happen - is there an ETA when startpage when we will be able to make startpage a default search engine? - The world's most private search engine in 12.01.2020 - delivers online tools that help you to stay in control of your personal information and protect your online privacy.

The Internet privacy company that empowers you to seamlessly take control of your personal information online, without any tradeoffs.

Startpage, The Hague, Netherlands. 28K likes. Search & browse the internet without tracking or targeting! delivers Google search results & offers "Anonymous View" to access the web StartPage Search gives you convenient mobile access to, the world's most private search engine. It lets you search for information privately and anonymously, from the convenience of your smartphone or other mobile device. It's the perfect tool for iron-clad privacy protections, plus great search results.

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StartPage Search gives you convenient mobile access to StartPage does not collect or share any personal information. StartPage offers you Web search results from Google - the world Jan 28, 2020 · 4. Qwant – Private search engine based in France. Qwant is another private search engine that is based in France and primarily sources search results from Bing. Being based in Europe, the data privacy protections are much stricter, as compared to the United States, for example. Congratulations! Startpage is now your default search engine. Try your first private search. The world's most private search enginemost private search engine Mar 01, 2012 · The most private search experience from comes with the world’s best search results from the Google search engine. To use its full potential you have to make it the default web browser. We see an increasing threat to online privacy in general and the privacy of search engine users in particular. Online advertising, search engines and government agencies are using every opportunity to get their hands on private information. Nov 16, 2019 · It looks like has lost three great privacy advocates to advise them. In light of what has happened in the past few weeks Liz, could you recommend a privacy search engine to use, or give an indication of what search engine for privacy that you now use, for your followers to use also? Many thanks. Nov 17, 2017 · It’s a fairly unknown privacy gem in the search engine world. StartPage on Mac and iOS. The biggest hurdle for StartPage is that it is currently not included as a search engine option in macOS and iOS. Users have to actively seek out StartPage and take steps to make it the preferred search engine on their Mac or iOS device.