May 19, 2015

Just for completeness, older versions of rsync could not handle files larger than 2GB. The latest version will handle any file size as long as the remote side can handle the file. Bill Hassell, sysadmin Copying large files with Rsync, and some misconceptions Sep 19, 2019 Copying large files with Rsync, and some misconceptions Sep 16, 2019 rsync can't handle large files??? - Feb 10, 2011

An attempt at a comprehensive solution, as there could be several problems and limitations depending on your situation. rsync. My preferred option: using rsync doesn't give this problem and is a bit more versatile in my opinion, e.g. it keeps track of which files are already there, so if the connection ever does break it can pick up from where it left off - try the --partial flag too - among

--partial – This is another switch that is particularly useful when transferring large files over the internet. If rsync gets interrupted for any reason in the middle of a file transfer, the partially transferred file is kept in the destination directory and the transfer is resumed where it left off once the rsync …

Jul 16, 2019

--progress – This switch allows us to see the transfer progress of each file. It’s particularly useful when transferring large files over the internet, but can output a senseless amount of information when just transferring small files across a fast network. An rsync command with the --progress switch as a backup is in progress: Jul 10, 2017 · Initially, you may think this method would prove inefficient for large backups, considering the zip file will change every time the slightest alteration is made to a file. However, rsync only transfers the changed data, so if your zip file is 10 GB, and then you add a text file to Directory1, rsync will know that is all you added (even though Hi, I'm getting an rsync failure backing up and Exchange database. The file is about 60GB in size. Any know work arounds for this issue? Exchange/MDBDATA/priv1.edb rsync recopies the same files. Some people occasionally report that rsync copies too many files when they expect it to copy only a few. In most cases the explanation is that you forgot to include the --times (-t) option in the original copy, so rsync is forced to (efficiently) transfer every file that differs in its modified time to discover what data (if any) has changed. Nov 09, 2017 · Like rsync, it first has to build a file list to send to the receiver, but unlike rsync, it doesn’t tell you that it’s doing that, so unless you use the -D (debug) flag, it looks like it has just hung. The time required to build the file list is of course proportional to the complexity of the recursive directory scan. Failed to copy: Failed to upload: file size too big: 8046431535 (400 bad_request) I asked Backblaze guys and there is their reply. Rclone does not currently support our Large File API calls. So either support for large files will need to be added, or the file will need to be broken up into smaller chunks prior to upload.