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Click the ‘+’ to add another new DNS server. 4. Enter the number 5. Select ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’. If you already have a DNS server address, take a picture or write it down for your records. 2. Enter the number 2 SWITCH // Next you need to add manual ‘DNS’ settings… Manually Configuring Network Settings | Connecting Your Click DNS in the button bar to change your domain name server settings. Click the + button below the DNS Servers list to add a new server to the list. Your ISP or network administrator usually provides at least two addresses to use; be sure to type it exactly as provided. (Use the – button to remove unused DNS … How to Find Out What DNS Servers Your PC, Mobile, and Mar 27, 2020 how to fix safari can't open the page on mac - YouTube

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macbook pro - How to set custom DNS settings? - Ask Different DNS settings are specified in the Network window. Example: Changing DNS server settings on Mac OS 10.5. From the Apple menu, click System Preferences, then click Network. If the lock icon in the lower left-hand corner of the window is locked, click the icon to make changes, and when prompted to authenticate, enter your password. Deleted my default DNS servers | MacRumors Forums

Apr 17, 2020

How to Configure Network System Preferences in Mac OS X Fear not: Mac OS X is really using DNS information provided by the DHCP server. Press Command+Q to quit System Preferences and save your settings. If you ever make a network change that screws things up, such as entering the wrong subnet mask or an IP address that isn’t in the same range as others on your LAN, you can always click the Revert