For NIC teaming with Win 2012 R2 server (without Hyper-V configured) the task should be pretty straighforward. My wiev is that LACP etherchannel has been set up. Can you please confirm via "Adapters and Interfaces" tab of the Server Manager at the Windows server side.

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How to Use Physical NIC Teaming with the Hyper-V Virtual Switch. As of Windows Server 2012, network adapter teaming is now a native function of the Windows Server operating system. Teaming allows you combine two or more adapters into a single logical communications channel to distribute network traffic. Hyper-V Server can also team physical

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I am needing your expertise on figuring out if this is the way to configure Hyper V Cluster. I have 2 HP Servers in hyper-v cluster. Both are configured with Two 10G ports and nic teamed on each server. Cluster, Live Migration, Storage networks all are configured on the nic team. Re: Hyper-V host NIC configuration for VSA I should have been clearer in post to say the following: As VSAs do not support bonding, I used HP NCU teaming on my VSA VMs (LACP Active/Active) to get redundancy and increased performance. Sep 20, 2017 · 3. Since you're using Hyper-V, set things up as in #2 however instead of assigning multiple IP Addresses to the host system, you could initiate simultaneous transfers from several VMs to various other systems. You can control the NIC team settings using the LoadBalancingAlgorithm and TeamingMode parameters of the Set-NetLbfoTeam PowerShell cmdlet.