You can start, pause or stop the video or audio by using the player control buttons immediately below the video screen. NB: for international users, the player control buttons are not available when an advertisement is playing. Full Screen makes the video fill the whole of your computer screen. Press "escape" to return to normal viewing size.

BBC news videos, on their news site, do not show the proper 'play' arrow, and I cannot play the report suddenly. I use Firefox, the problem is the same with IE, though I don't use it normally. I have downloaded and reinstalled Flash Player, and rebooted, all the normal stuff, yet still the problem exists. BBC videos not working. MrBarty Posts: 8. Forum Member. 01/04/14 - 10:34 in PC & Mac Hardware and Software #1. I'm using XP, IE8 and Flash Player (latest Welcome to Video and Audio from BBC News. If you are encountering problems this could be because you have JavaScript turned off. To turn JavaScript on, try contacting your computer's administrators, or follow the instructions for your browser type below: Jul 15, 2020 · Here’s how to fix your VPN not working with BBC iPlayer: Clear your cookies or try a different browser. Ask your VPN’s customer support team which server to use, since sometimes only a few can unblock the most popular streaming services. Enable leak protection in your VPN’s settings menu to prevent BBC iPlayer from finding out your real

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BBC news Videos won't work | Firefox Support Forum

Dec 12, 2019

Get the latest breaking news from the BBC and our global network of journalists. The app also offers the BBC News Channel streamed live, social features and personalisation so you can re-order the news categories to suit your interests. Key features: Top Stories brings you the latest, breaking news from our trusted global network of journalists. My News is a feature allowing you to personalise [Resolved] Why Google Chrome Not Playing Videos? Feb 23, 2018 Bbc embedded videos do not work with firefox 4 - Windows