May 30, 2020

UsenetServer - Usenet Provider Review - Freenews Alternate Ports - UsenetServer allows users to connect to their servers on multiple ports to help avoid bandwidth throttling by users ISP. Un-encrypted access is possible on ports 20(ftp), 23(telnet), 25(smtp), 119(nntp), 3128(squid), 7000, 8000 and 9000. PGX 10.0.5 (Beta) - | Big Update from 10.0.4 New Apps for 10.0.5+ ~ Airsonic, AllTube, Bazarr, CloudCMD, SpeedTest, Gitea, Organizr, xteve (use domain/ip:web/), and Bitwarden (updated from PG8), demix, dokuwiki, firefox Changed apps location for installation Fixed visual display when app installed; would say no access even if ports were open. Important: Apps entered now use the repo:image:tag format … $20/year includes VPN | Page 2 | [H]ard|Forum Jul 10, 2019 Portainer - How do I change a port on app? |

Alternate Ports – UseNetServer supports alternate ports to avoid bandwidth throttling. For normal access you can use ports 119 (default), 23, 25, 1720, 3128 or 8080. For secure SSL access choose between port 443, 563 and 8080. This can make a huge speed …

Usenetserver VPN port forwarding : usenet I recently added VPN access to my usenetserver. I do not see anywere on the site where I can forward a port for my plex server. Any ideas on how I Usenet server guide Archives - Newsgroup Reviews Blog

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