File extension PRQ - Simple tips how to open the PRQ file.

You can create a Windows Installer file by using InstallShield Limited Edition (ISLE), which is free if you've installed Visual Studio. ISLE replaces the functionality of the project templates for setup and deployment that previous versions of Visual Studio offered. To get InstallShield Limited Edition On the menu bar, choose File > New > Project. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x64) in Jan 27, 2014 InstallSite: InstallShield Developer Samples This is a prerequisite file that you can use with InstallShield (version 10 or above) to pre-install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. The .prq file has to be in the \SetupPrerequisites directory. The SQLExpr.exe file has to be put in \Redist\0409\i386 directory. InstallShield – s4o

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How to create a Pre-Requisite in InstallShield? We have plenty of Pre-Requisites available in \InstallShield\2012\SetupPrerequisites folder and some times you may need to bundle / distrubute a thrid party msi or setup.exe along with your installer as a pre-requiste. Here’s the way to create pre-requisites (.prq) in InstallShield for an exe or msi… Add prerequisites in installshield - Stack Overflow

PRQ file is an InstallShield Prerequisites. InstallShield makes designing your installation easy with InstallScript, a simple but powerful programming language. InstallScript is similar to the C language.

The prq file extension is associated with the InstallShield, a deployment utility that allows users to create application installation packages for Microsoft Windows.. The prq file defines prerequisites for the install of an application.. How to open: Prerequisite files can be added to InstallShield projects. This can be done with Organizatin -> Packages -> Import Prerequisite menu topic.