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Supported Software - MSPControl hMailServer 4.x ArgoMail Server 1.x. Ability Mail Server 2.x Icewarp Server . Database Engines. Microsoft SQL Server 2016,2017,2019 any edition Microsoft SQL Server 2014 any edition Microsoft SQL Server 2012 any edition. MySQL Server of 4.0.x, 4.1.x and 5.x versions (through 5.6) hMailServer – Wikipedia hMailServer är en gratis e-postserver för Microsoft Windows. Servern har stöd för de vanliga email-protokollen SMTP, POP3 och IMAP.. Version 4.x av servern är baserad på öppen källkod, medan version 5.x är freeware. All konfiguration lagras i MySQL-tabeller (eller Microsoft SQL Server), och det är möjligt att skriva script som utökar funktionaliteten i VBA eller JScript.

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Oct 02, 2005 · - hMailServer 3.4.1 (Build 86) - Filezilla Server 0.9.6a Other than knowing that there is some unspecified build of PHP 4.x and a build of PHP 5.x included, there

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Menjadi web master dalam 30 hari - LinkedIn SlideShare Mar 06, 2015 How to configure an SMTP server - smtp mail server To set up a mail client it’s necessary to configure an SMTP server that will take care of the delivery of your emails. Luckily, the configuration of SMTP servers is generally very easy – you will simply have to open your email software and add the right SMTP parametres in the settings windows.. Remember anyhow that using a standard SMTP – the one which is associated to free email Email Server Software for the Enterprise - Zimbra