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BlackBerry 10 | CrackBerry Aug 14, 2015 Blackberry OS 10.3.1 Now Available For All BB10 Devices Blackberry OS 10.3.1779 Update. Blackberry seems to be doing a lot of OS updates for blackberry 10 phones and that feels pretty good. Couple of weeks back, A new Blackberry 10.3.1 OS was officially rolled out on blackberry 10 phones. Although the update brought a whole new look and feel to blackberry 10 Devices, it however, came with bugs which BlackBerry Z10 Software Update - Verizon

Jun 19, 2015

The few people who actually bought a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can look forward to a BlackBerry 10 update. CEO Thorsten Heins says the company plans to provide its latest OS to all existing

Jun 22, 2020 · It runs BlackBerry OS 10.3, the home-grown software from Blackberry that failed to dethrone both Android and iOS. Released at the tail end of 2014, the 6.24-ounce Classic married BlackBerry’s always-excellent QWERTY keyboard with a 3.5-inch touchscreen 720 x 720 IPS display.

BlackBerry 10 is BETTER ON VERIZON 4G LTE. BlackBerry 10 is BETTER ON VERIZON 4G LTE. BlackBerry 10 OS, version 10.2.1 continues to build on the BlackBerry 10 platform for the Z10, Q10 and Z30 devices. Pinch to PrioritiZe • Don’t miss important messages • Pinch the Hub to view Priority Hub items • Customize pinch gesture for Unread or Download Blackberry 10 Desktop Manager for BlackBerry 10 OS.